YU Yureka

Hello Geeks,

I’m here to tell you about the Phone launched by Micromax’s sister company Yu, the Yureka (The price of the phone is apprx Rs. 11000). As mentioned at the launch event of Yu, they have really tried to make an environment for the programmers and geeks like us. This is the first phone in India in which we are able to “control” the functionality and everything in our phones. And yes please geeks don’t be mislead by the name of the company, it’s a purely INDIAN company.

Ok so this was just a small briefing about the company. So now let’s talk about the phone YUREKA.

Build Quality:

This phone is a perfectly build phone. The back is of plastic but has a good feel in the hand. The phone from no angle looks like a cheap quality phone. The volume rockers and the power button are placed on the opposite sides and is sometimes difficult to reach if you have small hands. This phone is not comfortable for single hand use because of the 5.5 inch display. On the top of the phone there is the 3.5mm audio jack and the bottom has the micro usb port. This phone contains the touch capacitive buttons below the screen which are backlit. There are two microphones one at the bottom and one at the top center of the back for the noise cancellation. And yes the most important there is no micromax branding on the phone nor the box.


The phone comes out of the box with cm11 running on Kitkat 4.4.4 which is upgradable to cm12.1 running on lollipop 5.1.1. through OTA(Over the air) update. The OTA’s are fast as they are from the cyanogen. And this phone gets incremental updates every month (my experience). This is a very nice feature as the phone is getting better and better as it gets old. Cyanogen mods are known for the quick updates and customization. There is tons of tons of customization options.

The UI experience is great but the cm12 update lags sometime just after the installation but after some days of usage it becomes perfectly smooth.

Ok so now let’s talk about the battery life…

Battery Life:

The battery life is a very important feature of the smart phones but unfortunately many companies neglect this issue.

Now don’t think that the battery life is bad. The battery life of the phone is apprx one day or more on moderate usage. Now my moderate usage means:

  1. 5 – 10 mins of gaming
  2. 3 – 4 mins of watching video
  3. 1 – 2 hrs of chatting
  4. And 30 mins of browsing

All this when my phone was connected to my wifi or the 3G connection.

Now lets see the gaming experience…

Gaming Experience:

Yes this phone gives a better choice over the other phones in the same price range (below 10k) available presently in India. Though the phone gets hot near the camera but that’s not tooo hot that you cant bear as some people have shared. This phone plays some high end games very smoothly, which other phones are not even able to launch. Yes but after an extensive gaming of 30 – 40 minutes the phone starts losing frames.

Some popular games that run: GTA San Andreas, Mortal Combat V, Asphalt 8 etc.


Yes this phone has a 13 MP rear camera (left side of the back) and a 5 MP front facing camera (to the right of the earpiece). The picture quality is good and the picture comes out to be sharp and clear and there are better details visible.

Rear:     The 13 MP shooter can record 1080p videos. Some features like frame lapse and slow motion modes are also available but the slow motion (slomo) mode doesnt work on the 1080p resolution. The highest reolution to capture slomo is 720p. The rear camera is an auto focus camera which works pretty well in both the extreme lighting conditions. Yes but the zoom spoils the photo quality to an extent. And the use of flash makes the picture yellowish from the top and the bottom.

Front:    The 5 MP shooter can record 720p resolution videos and only supports the frame lapse mode. The front camera is a fixed focus camera but the image quality delivered is very fine. This camera is indeed very useful for many other things like the face detection, video calling (through third party apps only).

Sound Quality:

Yes there are some issues with the sound quality of the speakers of the phone as they are not loud and that in my opinion is true but the thing that the ringtones are not audible is not correct. But the in-ear headphones provided are good, pretty gooood. Also the cyanogen mod gives the Audio Fx software pre-installed which enhances the sound quality, in better words customizes the sound quality.

The Box Contents:

  1. Some papers
  2. In-ear headphones
  3. Travel charger (1 amps)
  4. Data cable
  5. Battery (2500 mAh)
  6. And of course the Yureka

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