Samsung Galaxy S7

Hello Geeks,

I am here with the most awaited review of Samsung Galaxy S7. Samsung is a South Korean company. The company is releasing Galaxy series for a considerable period. The recent models in the series has become the flagship devices of Samsung. The Galaxy S7 which is the latest release has become the greatest landmark in the history of smartphones. This phone is priced at (apprx $700.00).

So now without wasting any time lets start discussing about the phone.

Build Quality:

Lets start with the build quality of the phone. The phone can be well defined as a refinement of S6. The phone is very comfortable to hold in one hand and the phone doesnt feel bulky like other 5.5 inch smartphones. Phone has a well rounded edge feel which makes the phone easier to fit in the hands and does not slips easily. The phones back panel is a finger print magnet attracting a great deal of finger prints. The camera is very less bulged out.  So, this phone is very well built and actually gives a very premium feel in the hands. Now lets talk about the display…


The phone houses a super AMOLED 5.5 inch display, curved at the edges covering apprx 76% of the whole phone. The phone gives a resolution of 1440×2560 pixels which gives a pixel density of 534 ppi. The display is very bright and is very clear in outside conditions. Samsung introduces a new feature with this phone that is “Always On” which is not new to the android world. The curved edges enhances the gaming and movie experience alot. Now lets move inside and talk about the OS.


The phone comes out of the box with TouchWiz UI on Android Marshmallow 6.0 and further updates should come as this is a flagship device of Samsung. The TouchWiz UI is not the coolest UI but atleast they have changed the colour combinations from Blue – Green to Blue – White which is a little more eye pleasing. There are some hickups in the smooth functioning of the phone like some frame drops in the transitions but on the whole the UI is smooth. Now lets talk about the battery life.


The phone has gone a long way in this field from its predecessor. The phone has a 3600 mAh battery on-board which gives a remarkable screen on time of 5+ hours and provides you with a full day battery life. The phone supports wireless as well as fast charging (Quick Charge 2.0). The phone doesnt over heat while charging. Now coming on to the camera…


The camera on the S7 edge is great. There is a 12MP rear facing shooter and a 5MP front facing shooter. The camera is capable of taking superb low light as well as day light images. There is no noise that is seen in these images. The rear camera has a sensor which focuses an object very fast. The photos on the S7 edge are very well detailed and well exposed. The HDR mode does its job perfectly and the photos come out to be natural. Samsung introduces “Motion Pictures” something same as the live photos by Apple. The front facing shooter does the work very well. So, for concluding, the camera experience is more than expected.

Some other things…

  • Samsung is back with the SD and gives a expandable compatibility of upto 200 GB which is awesome.
  • The phone is water and dust resistant (not proof).
  • Phone still has a Micro USB 2.0 port not the type-C.
  • There are themes available to customize the UI experience.
  • New feature called game launcher is added
  • Phone continues to have useless apps and duplicate apps

The Box Contents:

  1. The phone
  2. The sim ejector tool
  3. Fast charger
  4. USB OTG drive
  5. Earphone
  6. Data cable

So at the end…

Good at :

  1. Build quality is superb and fits in hand comfortably.
  2. Finger print is very accurate and efficient.
  3. Camera is one of its kind.
  4. Battery better than its predecessor.

Can be better at :

  1. Speaker quality
  2. Sometimes has frame drops in transition animations.
  3. Dual sim variant uses second sim slot for SD card

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    A complete and coherent review, Adarsh. Job well done

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    Samsung should stop copying features and come up with something out of the box. Do you agree ,ADMIN?;-0 Well, Apple too copied the feature from windows.


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