Xiaomi Mi 5

Hello Geeks,

Today I will give my review on the latest flagship by Xiaomi i.e. the Mi 5. The idea of the review of the phone was of my friend. As we all know about the company which came in the recent past but became a well known company in a very short time just  because of its marketing strategies and the skill of giving more and more specification in less price.

Build Quality:

Now as expected from a flagship this phone has a very good build quality and fits perfectly in the hands. The phone is covered with gorilla glass on all the sides including the back cover. This indeed makes the phones slippery but adds to the aesthetic value of the phone. The phone has a 5.1′ inch screen which is placed having the home + fingerprint sensor right below it. The phone comes with a USB Type-C (USB 3.1) port at the bottom of the phone. But unfortunately there are no micro SD card expansion slots. Overall the phones is great and gives a premium feel in the hand.

Display :

The phone comes on board with a 5.1 inch IPS display having a 1080 x 1920 pixels giving around 430 ppi pixel density. The screen is covered with Corning Gorilla glass 4 making it more durable. The screen stretches from one end of the phone to the other but actually has a padding of about 2 mm round the screen. The screen gives out sharp and very bright colours and is one of the screens that can be used in direct sunlight. It also gives a very wide angle views for the screen making it comfortable to use.

OS :

The phone comes out of the box with the MIUI 7 running over Android marshmallow. As all the Mi users will know that the MIUI doesn’t come with a app drawer so all the users who a migrating from Samsung will have a tough time in the starting. The icons of the MIUI is more like an apple phone and looks pretty decent. The UI has nice animations and the phone is also able to deliver them smoothly. But the UI comes with many pre-installed blotwares which eat up the space but luckily we have the power to delete them (not all).  We get around 1.8 GB RAM free on the first boot which indicates that the UI is quite heavy but ironically it doesn’t lag. Now coming on to the camera details.

Camera :

The camera in the MI 5 is pretty impressive but is not upto the mark. The 16 MP rear shooter records great videos in 4K also but the low light photography can be better. The stabilization is good and colours come better in natural light.

Sound :

The phone has a very impressive sound quality. The loud speakers which are placed at the bottom of the phone are really LOUD. The sound is crisp but sometimes may crack (in very rare situations). The sound quality is awesome, something that was not expected from a smartphone. The UI has a sound enhancer which has an inbuilt equalizer and an auto tuner for different Mi earphones and some other earphones too.

Some other things…

  1. No memory card expansion slot
  2. Dual sim (nano+nano)
  3. Its a cool dude (doesn’t det hot)
  4. Quick charging is really quick
  5. GPS not that good
  6. Notification light colour can be changed manually

So at the end:

Good at:

  1. Speakers are really good
  2. Build quality very premium
  3. Fast charge
  4. Screen brightness and sharpness
  5. UI smoothness

Can be better at :

  1. Camera not that good
  2. Should have a persistent battery
  3. GPS not accurate
  4. SD card support should be there

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